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Town of Carmel Athletic Complex; Construction of 20 acre Multifield athletic field complex. Carmel, NY

41°22’53.47” N 73°45’56.70” W


  • Cut to Fill of 38,000 cy of earth.
  • Establish finish grade with GPS System technology to within ½”.
  • Provide SWPP control for NYSDEC & NYCDEP water shed region.
  • Establish permanent storm water maintenance facilities.

Monticello Motor Club; Construction of 4.2-mile hard surface high-end car race track. Monticello, NY

41°37’01.69” N 74°41’43.56” W


  • Cut/Fill of 1,000,000 cy earth and rock
  • Paving of ultra-smooth race track with high-end polymer modified bituminous concrete.
  • Installation of all utilities and services.
  • Construction of trackside safety components.
  • Complete stormwater facility construction.

Orange County Airport; Construction of Phase 2 of Runway 4-22. Montgomery, NY

41°30’51.45” N 74°15’28.58” W


  • Cut / Fill 150,000 cy structural full fill for Runway 4-22.
  • Construction of 12 ac. New wetlands.
  • Pave 1000 lf of new Runway and Parallel Taxiway “A”.
  • Drainage and Runway and Taxiway lighting installations.

Temple Hill Senior Apartments; Complete site construction of Senior Housing complex. Newburgh, NY

41°28’01.27” N 74°03’27.96” W


  • Cut/Fill 200,000 cy of earth and rock.
  • Construction of public works infrastructure and roadway to service facility.
  • Installation of all private infrastructure to service buildings.
  • Concrete and asphalt paving.