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USMA at West Point

41°23’29.36” N 73°57’21.57” W


  • Selected on four consecutive occasions as where and when “best value” contractor for multiple year contracts. Supply intermodal transportation construction improvements at USMA at West Point.
  • Including all types of paving, surface and structural concrete demolition and construction.
  • SMU and natural stone wall construction.
  • Specialty construction surface installations.
  • High tech infrastructure installation along with power distribution.
  • Landfill and water quality work

Chalet Road Reconstruction. Monticello, NY

41°39’53.17” N 74°38’40.36” W


  • Two year reconstruction of Chalet Rd.
  • Phased construction of 2.1 miles of roadway in an environmentally sensitive area with 100% chemical treatment of all water runoff to eliminate turbidity.
  • Construction of two new 25′ deep municipal sanitary lift stations.
  • Complete street lighting package.
  • Construction of a 60′ Conspan precast bridge structure.
  • Water quality detention basins.
  • Installation of new domestic water, both force & gravity sewer, and drainage.
  • Phased pavement installation.

Robinson Ave Reconstruction. Newburgh, NY

41°30’17.12” N 74°01’14.82” W


  • Complete reconstruction of 3.2 miles of Route 9W.
  • Reconstruction and improvements to turn of the century domestic water distribution system.
  • Pile and pre-cast panel wall system.
  • Complete drainage and water quality installations.
    Curb and walk reconstruction.
  • Recycled and repurposed over 70% of the materials slated for removal and disposal from the project.

Exit 28 (Old Exit 5) reconstruction, Interstate 84. Montgomery NY

41°30’39.30” N 74°12’25.64” W


  • Reconfigure exit 5 entrance and exit ramps on Interstate 84.
  • Widen I-84 over pass over NYS Route 208.
  • Installation of structural grout retaining wall system.
  • Wetland construction and storm water quality facility installations.
  • Structural concrete bridge deck paving and asphalt paving on DOT highways and paving on Interstate.

PANYNJ Stewart International Airport, Taxiway Bravo reconstruction. Newburgh, NY

41°30’04.86” N 74°05’46.91” W


  • Taxiway widening, milling, and profiling
  • FAA spec. paving and subbase installation.
  • Taxiway and in pavement lighting installations.
  • Concrete pavement removal and installation
  • Drainage installations

PANNYNJ Stewart International Airport, Taxiway Mike reconstruction. Newburgh, NY

41°30’17.12” N 74°06’55.77” W


  • Similar scope as Taxiway Bravo reconstruction.

Dutchess County Airport Taxiway Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, & Kilo. Four separately bid contracts over a five-year period for the reconstruction of the aforementioned taxiway structures. Wappingers Falls, NY

41°37’44.10” N 73°52’50.66” W


  • Active taxiway removal and reconstruction.
  • Taxiway lighting and duct bank installations.
  • Water quality facility construction.
  • FAA spec. subbase and pavement installations.
  • Mass earth cuts and fills.