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LEGO Land New York. Goshen, NY

41°22’40.48” N 74°18’50.22” W


  • Complete site-wide utility installation including Domestic Water Main, Fire Suppression Water Main, Sanitary, Natural Gas, Primary & low voltage Electric, Site Lighting, and Fiber Optics.
  • Installation of Micro-drainage.

NY-Sewer Transmission main installation. Kingston, NY

74°55’40.45” N 74°00’00.26” W


  • Installed deep sewer transmission main in the urban environment.
  • Open cut 25-foot-deep, large-diameter sewer installation.
  • Insitu sewer lining.
  • Water main installations.

Utility Infrastructure Improvements. Wappingers Falls, NY

41°35’48.32” N 73°54’39.57” W


  • Installed replacement water and sewer in the urban environment throughout the entire village.
  • The contract required a very challenging “piecemeal” installation of 30% of the sewer and water systems throughout the entire Village.