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Mill and Pave North Span of Newburgh-Beacon Bridge; Mill, refurbish structural concrete deck and pave westbound span with waterproof bituminous concrete

41°31’11.76” N 73°59’51.53” W


  • Mill, repair bridge deck, wash bridge deck, clean & dry surface, apply tack coat and pave during a twelve-hour shift, the entire Northern span.
  • Bridge joint reconstruction Eastern approach—Mid Hudson Bridge.

Port Authority parking, Stewart International Airport. Newburgh, NY

41°29’46.76” N 74°06’03.37” W


  • Building demolition, including asbestos abatement.
  • Construct 7 acre underground water quality system.
  • Pave parking lot with porous graded bituminous concrete.

Rural road reconstruction, Marlboro, NY


  • Reclaim, reshape and pave 42 miles of town roadway network.

Manheim Car Auctions. Newburgh, NY

41°30’54.99 N 74°05’46.91” W


  • Pave, new construction of 75 acre car storage parking lot for Manheim Auctions