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Green Thumb Industries. Warwick, NY

41°16’28.00” N 74°18’49.07” W


  • Site development for a $60 Million 200,000-square-foot National Cannabis Consumer packaging company.
  • Cut/Push to Fill 150,000 cubic yard of native earth.
  • Install internally sloped Fertigation disposal system for a 200,000 SF facility.
  • Construction of over 18,000 face feet of Stone Strong SRW retaining wall system.
  • A cooperative value engineering effort which provided a significant schedule and monetary savings.

Lego Land New York. Goshen, NY

41°22’40.48” N 74°18’50.22” W


  • Finish hardscape installation including traditional and custom decorative finishes.
  • Installation of Micro-drainage throughout all front of house pedestrian travel ways.
  • Site wide curb installation & asphalt paving.

Marlboro Middle School. Marboro NY

41°36’30.48” N 73°58’30.48” W


  • Capital Project for Site & Infrastructure Improvements. Relocation of site utilities, Installation of a T-Wall earth retaining system to support an addition to the existing structure.
  • Asphalt paving, Concrete Curb & Flat Work.

Truman Moon, William Carter, & Presidential Park Elementary Schools, Monhagen Middle School. Middletown, NY

41°26’10.41” N 74°25’28.25” W                                                                   

41°26’41.71” N 74°23’29.27” W

41°27’30.11” N 74°25’20.04” W

41°27’04.13” N 74°2654.66’” W


  • Site & Safety improvements. Modifying the school’s site to better comply with contemporary SED Requirements.
  • Installation of two playgrounds with acrylic & synthetic carpet surfacing totaling over      53,000 SF.
  • Installation of a 58,000 sf acrylic Athletic Multi-Sport court surface.
  • Milling, Paving, Concrete curb & Flat work installation.